Brand Advocacy: Why Your Company Needs It

First of all, what is brand advocacy?

Brand advocacy is a positive marketing for a brand. A brand advocate is someone who talks favorably about the brand. This could either be an employee or even a customer that spreads positive word of mouth about the brand. Brand advocacy involves third-party cheerleaders that promote your brand via channels on social media. It’s the advanced form of word of mouth marketing. It’s also great to generate the all-important meaningful relationship moments.  In today’s world brand advocacy is the best way to promote your brand. It’s fast and effective.

Social media is the best ways for brand advocacy; social media brand advocates use their social media channels to promote brands by spreading positive reviews about the brand. In the past few years apart from social media brand advocates, employee advocacy has been found to be the key point in increased brand advocacy. Now, what is employee advocacy? Employee advocacy has been described as the promotion of a brand or company by its own staff members. This is more effective because the staff knows better about the brand than the brand advocates. The employee will embody the company’s best efforts and will recommend the best products and customer service.

With employee advocacy the brand can generate huge amounts of exposure as large amounts of employees can promote the brand in different places and in a positive way. Different departments can help in different ways. Each department can work towards the common goal of promoting the brand by appointing brand advocates on their social channels. Also, they should increase their employee advocacy to promote the brand. If employees from each department can promote the brand with their knowledge of the product, using the vast resources on social media and the internet, the promotion of the product and brand can be increased much fold. The marketing department can use employee advocacy to their advantage.

An experienced employee can act as a credible spokesperson for the company. Marketing teams use social media brand advocates to promote their brands as they have found to be more effective than the traditional advertisements, the peer to peer recommendations have been found to persuade people more,  the process allows for increased brand awareness and develops strong customer relations. They also are able to develop a strong feedback loop between customers and the business. The best part is it just takes one click at a time.

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